What Is Communityworks?

Communityworks is a community-based partnership that is supported by the Oak Park- River Forest Community Foundation. Communityworks is also an endowed fund and financial resource for providing grants to organizations and institutions whose efforts further the partnership’s vision of a sustainable community in select focus areas.

The purpose of the Communityworks Partnership is to provide a coordinated, systems-based approach towards the achievement of community aspirations. By building a sustainable framework, the Communityworks Partnership is able to support the long-term health and vibrancy of the Oak Park and River Forest communities.


Communityworks goals are:

  • To create systemic change in selected priorities areas
  • Sustain an endowment to provide permanent source of funding
  • Expand the leveraging of resources (funding, relationships, etc.)
  • Improve efficiencies in service delivery to the community
  • Develop and demonstrate outcome based measurements to evaluate community impact
  • Increase community's awareness and engagement
  • Increase community's capacity to address targeted priorities
  • Enhance cross-sector collaborations
  • Create a sustainable community infrastructure that is able to adjust to the changing environment