Grantee Partners

We are grateful to our Foundation family of donors, nonprofit organizations, and community members who work tirelessly for a better future for our villages. The Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation is proud to work in partnership with you, to rise up and meet our community’s greatest challenges. Together, our leadership, advocacy, and generosity will trans-form lives and grow prosperity, now and for generations to come.

Our Vision

A racially just society in which all members of our community thrive and prosper.

Our Mission

Unite community members to mobilize resources to advance a racially just society and equitable outcomes for residents of Oak Park, River Forest and surrounding communities.

Our Core Values




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Grant Spotlight

Giving Group Grants: $216,576 to 39 organizations

  • Entrepreneur Leaders in Philanthropy: $42,400
  • Future Philanthropists Program: $82,000
  • NextGen Leaders in Philanthropy: $4,476
  • Women Leaders in Philanthropy: $87,700

College Scholarship and Enrichment Grants: $448,997 to 276 students and programs


Other Grants: $2,584,512

Funds managed by the Foundation and distributed in accordance with fundholder wishes.

Rapid Response & Recovery Grants:
$1,007,500 to 56 organizations

Kott Memorial Trust Grants:
$1.5M to 39 organizations


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