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The challenges our community faces today need to be addressed by its members, not outsiders. Success of All Youth (SAY) pools the available resources and priorities of our partners to meet the needs of children and young people in our community. Included with the services provided by Oak Park and River Forest, children and their families have a range of accessible programs from social service agencies, faith-based organizations, business and civic leadership to public libraries and parks. These partners pool their resources to ensure that all children reach their potential, with particular attention paid to those who live in marginalized communities.

SAY’s priorities and strategies for future initiatives to address racial inequities for all youth are demonstrated by various programs and resources. The three areas of child development at the forefront of SAY’s partnerships are:
• Social & Emotional Development
• Health & Safety
• Cognitive & Academic Advancement

Mental health was identified as a vital issue through community surveys and consultations conducted in 2020. In the interim, the Communityworks Advisory Board awarded grants totaling $140,000 to organizations that support our young people and have a mental health focus. SAY’s stakeholders aim to help our communities meet the diverse developmental needs of our children - from infancy to young adulthood.

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